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Fast & Furious (2009)

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Unoriginality Spells Trouble

I still have no clue why Universal Pictures would want to wrap up the final installation of “The Fast & The Furious” movie with a title that would make followers go ‘What the…?’

The franchise began with “The Fast & The Furious”, had a not so exceptional follow-up of sequels with the same supposedly ‘adrenaline- pumping’ action in both “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift” and now this.

 Have they had enough? I’m sure we all have had enough. Thank goodness this is the last of the lot and let me tell you, finishing up the final film was as painful as watching the two tween actors in Twilight stare into one another’s eyes every 5 minutes.

The Same Ol’

In the final installment, it starts off rather predictably. Fast cars begin to fill your screen as it pumps you up for the rest of the ride movie. Honestly, I can’t even describe how ridiculous the opening scene was. Why would young people with so much ahead of them, risk their lives for a stupid bet among themselves by making nasty swerves on the road and pulling daredevil stunts on moving vehicles. More so on a place with so many sharp turns and narrow bends. It won’t be long before what audiences would have formulated in their minds about the end of the scene ending in a big, loud crash and a fiery explosion would come true.

However, the opening scene was merely there to get your hopes up again by trying to eliminate any negative feelings for forking out your hard-earn cash. What happens later is pretty much how the show will be for the next one and a half hour or so. It will be filled with the same old drama every C-rated movie should have- murder,lies,crooks and redemption.

We All Know How It’s Gonna Go

The story goes like this: Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) learns of the murder of his one true love, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) whom we only get to see during the first 5 minutes of the film and in the rest of it as flashes. As I wasn’t a true follower of the F & F movies, I wasn’t really attached to Letty or felt sorry for Dom at all. The melodramatic scenes did not particularly get to me either.

Dom finds this out from his sister and gets back in town to get down to business. Though, his presence is largely unwelcomed from both the FBI and his former friends. His sister,Mia (Jordana Brewster) is afraid he would get caught when he shows up in town again but Dom insists on staying to uncover the truth behind Letty’s death. They revisit the crash site and Dom gets an epiphany that the whole ‘Letty died in a car accident’ story was not really it. And he gets that whiff of fishiness just by sniffing some apparent gun powder and having the entire scene reenacted right before his eyes.

Dom then manages to get a name and starts to deal things his way. With this, he was definitely bound to run into his FBI friend, Brian O’ Conner (Paul Walker). Brian, coincidentally was on the same case as Dom and a little trip to investigate finds him face to face with Dom again.

Not entirely pleased with Brian showing up to intervene, Dom storms off. But a F & F movie isn’t the same without the usual Brian and Dom team-up. So, a few scenes and a car race later, they are both finally reacquainted. Brian has been given the task of seeking out an illegal racing kingpin while Dom is on his pal’s side to uncover who killed his Letty.

As the movie picks up speed, the ‘Letty’ issue is pushed aside while Dom and Brian go on the aggresive to search for the kingpin. There are car chases a-plenty and a few girl-on-girl scenes too to kink up the show.

Really, is it because I’m a girl that I find this movie highly stereotypical?

Another Sad And Final Attempt

The show is a solid one and a half hour of thrills to fill up the remaining gap in the plot of the F & F franchise. The drama is tipping toward ‘corny’ and the acting was barely there. One person I really cringed watching her act was Michelle Rodriguez but thank goodness her role was shortened to 5 minutes and flashes.

To Buy The DvD Or Not?

Well, if you plan on finishing up the last spot saved for this movie under your “The Fast And Furious Collection”, then you should consider getting it to make it complete. Nonetheless, I would provide unbiased judgement that this cliche-ladened movie isn’t worth a hoot.

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