Shame tells the story of Brandon Sullivan, a good-looking New York professional who has a dark and destructive secret.  Brandon is the kind of guy that any girl would be attracted to.  That is what makes his dark secret hard to understand.  Brandon has a sex addiction that runs his life.  Whether he is hooking up with his latest conquest at the bar, or hiring a local call girl, Brandon finds all sorts of ways to satisfy his needs.  Like an addict to cocaine his life is wrapped up in when he will get his next fix.  Shame is a movie that dissects the life of a sex addict and details the highs and lows of what it means to be addicted to sex, especially when Brandon’s sister Sissy shows up and disrupts his solitary lifestyle with an unexpected stay.

Directed and written by Steve McQueen (not the Steve McQueen that you are thinking of) , Shame is a provocative tale of loneliness and pain.  Expertly directed, McQueen uses shallow and dark colors almost washed away by life to tell his story of Brandon and his sister Sissy.  Using almost every moment of his life to indulge in his fantasies, Brandon leads a solitary existence as he tries to hide his addiction to the rest of the world.  McQueen creatively shows how every waking moment Brandon thinks only of sex.  A random passerby on the subway, a pretty co-worker, and a young woman in a bar are all possible fodder for Brandon’s fantasy.  Although Brandon lives in one on the largest cities on the planet, McQueen makes him seem so alone it almost hurts.  Light on dialogue but rich in imagery Shame is a masterpiece in human degradation and pain.

Michael Fassbender plays Brandon Sullivan in this Golden Globe nominated achievement.  Fassbender is an up and coming actor that has set critics’ pens a flame with his type of acting.  He does not disappoint with this performance.  His portrayal of a sex addict is unmatched by any other actor or actress.  Instead of needing needles, spoons, and rubber ties; Brandon uses the Internet, prostitutes, and even his imagination to obtain his ultimate goal of orgasm.   Carey Mulligan also gives a stand out performance as Brandon’s sister Sissy.  She crashes into Brandon’s solitary life and almost exposes Brandon’s addiction to the world.  Both siblings share a painful past in which each soul has chosen to deal with it in a different way.  Shame is a movie that any movie fan should see at least once in their lifetime as a brilliantly relentless drama that will test your limits.  Check it out on Blu-ray and DVD today.

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