I have not laughed as hard in a long time for an action/comedy ensemble since BAD BOYS wrapped up back in 2003. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence although rumored to come back have not got on the BAD BOYS wagon as yet. Serving it clean with unmistakable talent, precision writing and ambitious direction 21 JUMP STREET is indeed a comedy hook, line and sinker. You will not stop enjoying this movie.

High school stud Jenko (Channing Tatum) and slim shady look-a-like Schmidt (Jonah Hill) are clearly at two extremes on the popularity charts. Jenko who is banned from attending his senior prom due to the drop of his grades is furious. Schmidt himself will not be attending the prom since he isn’t able to muster up his manhood to ask a girl out. 7 Years later Jenko and Schmidt run into each other at the police academy, buddies up, graduates and ends up on park duty. Forgetting to read the rights following their first ever hilarious arrest, both of them are reassigned to Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) who sends them undercover as high school students to bust a new drug; HFS and to bring to justice the supplier.

Jonah Hill who is a well-seasoned actor of comedy and Channing Tatum not so much is the perfect match made in heaven (pardon the cliché) for 21 JUMP STREET.  What plays to the greatest benefit of the movie is how amazingly brilliant Tatum turns out to be in comedy. Having turned down the role twice Jonah Hill convinced Tatum in playing Jenko and indeed turns out to be wise career move. When Tatum forgot to read the rights and when questioned by his captain to read it for him, Tatum utters “You have the right to be an attorney” simply cracked me up. This brings me to my point of brilliant story telling. The script is immaculately written. Michael Becall and Jonah Hills effort of the story is her strongest suit. It isn’t stupid-funny like a spoof, instead it is relevant, realistic and quite appropriate to what goes on around us in the world of crime. Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller ensures they keep it real. Gimmicks are reduced to a bare minimum while Lord and Miller stretch the talents of the actors, writers and themselves to keep the audience laughing.

21 JUMP STREET is a must watch movie. Without any hesitation I recommend this and it will liven up your weekend movie experience. Remember how HANGOVER took you by surprise? How it redefined comedy and the way it’s done? Likewise 21 JUMP STREET may be the funniest movie this summer!





RATING: 08/10


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  1. Never before have I disagreed so much with the general consensus. Sure this film is consistent but it is consistently mediocre. There was nothing particularly hilarious, nothing particularly exhilarating and nothing memorable. I kept expecting it to get better but my hopes were in vain, this cliché of an action drama failed to make me laugh, excite me or give me a enjoyable film experience.

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