Red Tails-Review

Based on a true story about a group of men in the Tuskegee training program who constantly work hard to prove themselves against the American government and doubters. They are normally kept on ground while other more “appropriate” men are able to fight for their country. Colonel A.J. Bullard (Terrence Howard) convinces his superiors in Washington, D.C. to let his men fight in the WWII battle against the Nazis. Will this group of brave men change history? Will they end the segregation between races with their determined pride and great flying and combat skills?




            I was expecting to see a phenomenal story about how a set of men help changed American history, yet all I saw was less than mediocre buddy-talk and humor throughout the entire film. I didn’t like the relationships between the characters because the director seemed to try too hard to make me care about them. The more they talked, the more pathetic each sounded as each tried to steer my attention away from the other character. I expected to be moved by their bravery and will power to be recognized by their skills and not by their skin color; yet again I was disappointed as there was one main character who was big-headed and annoying and I knew he would die in the film and couldn’t wait for it to happen just so that he can finally shut up. As a huge Terrence fan, I was prepared to be moved by his forced phrases and fast talking demands but I became bored with his performance as well as Cuba Gooding Jr, who played Major Emanuelle Stance. This film was way too long. Two hours and five minutes of sheer boredom and a desperate plea for the credits to row. The ending was even a bore. All in all, I will never see this film again.

Rating: 1/2 star

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