Violence.  Guns.  Blood.  Death.  This review could end right now and you would know everything you need to about the film, Gamer.  What fun would that be though, right? 

Only three words were spoken in the first five minutes of this film.  After the first two or three I started to get worried.  Even though this film was in color, I thought maybe I had put in a silent film from decades ago.  That wouldn’t exactly make sense either though, as films were nowhere near as gory back then as this particular one was.

Gamer is probably a video game lover’s dream.  The story involves Ken Castle (Dexter’s Michael C. Hall) and his video game empire.  He has created games (Society & Slayers) that can be played at home, similar to the popular The Sims and Halo.  Only Castle’s games involve real-life people and those people are being controlled by other humans out of the comfort of their homes.

Kable (Gerard Butler) is the main character/attraction in Slayers, only he is not aware of his participation or popularity.  He is a pawn, being controlled by a teenager (Logan Lerman), in Castle’s plan for domination.  Castle has taken the video game concept and turned it into a sadistic money-maker and changed the way humans interact.

The concept behind this film was too reminiscent of the Bruce Willis film, Surrogates.  Both took an opportunity to show what the world would be like if we lost control of our own free will.  Hall was somewhat entertaining, but I already know him as a killer (Dexter), so another project in that realm wasn’t necessary.  Butler was acceptable as the tortured man, trying to escape the evil and reconnect with his family, but his character was too predictable.

There was nothing I enjoyed about this action/fantasy film.  The violent nature and gruesome plot was a little much for me.  I don’t play video games, nor do I see the point to viciously murdering someone for fun in those games, so probably not a big surprise that I found this film to be awful.

I don’t recommend this film to anyone, but if you still want to see what it’s about, you might want to think again if you have a weak stomach.

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  1. I’m the opposite, I like blood, gore, and action so I actually enjoyed this film a lot. I thought the action was great. It was a lot of gun shots but some of the fighting was original.
    I didn’t see surrogates yet. I don’t doubt they are similar.
    Though I don’t play video games, I do know a good amount about them. I liked how this film took the future of video games and let us see how it would play out in an extreme sense.
    There are games coming out where you can buy people and virtually control their characters.
    Thinking about this movie in a realistic sense was pretty scary but I doubt things would ever get to that extent. At least, I hope not.

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