ShaapitAman (Aditya) proposes to Kaaya(Shweta) but soon after that, the same night while going to drop her they meet with a car accident. While luckily both escape unhurt, Kaaya’s parents request Aman’s parents to forget their daughter. They reveal to them the curse of a Brahmin father under which there family has been for the last 300 years. Due to this curse no girl in their family can get wed and if she plans to or does then death for her is inevitable. But a deep in love, Aman decides to fight this curse and free Kaaya from it. He along with his friend Shom (Shubh Joshi) decides to take the help of a famous occult professor Pashupati (Rahul Dev). The professor at first avoids helping Aman but after Aman shows him his dedication by taking a risk with a deadly spirit he decides to help him out. What shocks and thrills are in store for Aman, Shubh and Pashupati and what happens to Aman and Kaaya’s love story because of that forms the rest of the movie.Shaapit is yet another hit of this year, and possibly the biggest one yet. It has the chills a little but the story is commendable. Don’t miss this one.Final Review = 5 Stars