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Young Adults-Review

Young Adult Ghostwriter, Mavis Gray (Charlize Theron), just went through a divorce and is struggling to finish the final book of a failed book series. After receiving an e-mail from her high school sweetheart, Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson) of him and his wife’s new baby, Mavis becomes jealous. She makes a plan to travel home and take back Buddy to rekindle twenty years of lost love. While there, she runs into an old classmate, Matt Freehauf (Patton Oswalt), and reveals her plan to him. Of course, Matt tells her that it’s a bad idea and that Buddy is happily married. Ignoring his advice, Mavis sets up a meeting with Buddy and from there tries to will her way into his heart through seduction and reliving the past. Will Mavis and Buddy be together? Will Buddy’s wife discover her intentions and confront her? 

Review:            Well, there is not much to say about this film as it has one continuous beat, meaning that the tone, atmosphere, scenes and others are all the same. The beat was also played with a slow temp as there weren’t any really dramatic scenes or emotions. Sure, Mavis has an outbreak monologue towards the end but the performance was dry. I blame the script more than the actor because Charlize is a great actress. As far as the other characters, the performances were trying to make the words come to life yet they were lifeless. Granted, at times it is suppose to seem that way but I wasn’t buying it. Everything about this film is dull except the location. It helped showcase the community’s personality of Mercury, MN such as a newborn naming party. All in all, I will not view this film again.

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