This film is all about brotherly love. Charlie St. Cloud (Zac Effron) and his little brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan), do everything together from sailing to gearing Sam up for the baseball season. Charlie has graduated and has to attend the last high school party with his friends before he leaves to his full scholarship university. Unfortunately, he has to babysit Sam while their mother, (Kim Basinger), works a double at the hospital. On his attempt to sneak out, he is busted by Sam and now he has to bring him along to drop him off at a nearby friend’s house. While on the way, a semi-truck crashes into them causing terrible wreckage. Charlie barely nearly survives from the crash as he was dead for about two minutes. When necessitated, he wakes to see Sam’s limp body next to him. During the funeral, Charlie gets overwhelmed and runs away into the meadow where he sees Sam. Sam reminds him of their deal to practice baseball every day; and he does, for five years. One day he meets a girl named, Tess Carrol (Amanda Crew), and begins to like her. He has to cancel his daily practice with Sam to save Tess’s life which is in danger. Will Charlie ever see Sam again? Will Charlie save Tess in time?Review: Bravo to Zac! Every tear, every outrageous busts, every emotion he acted, I felt. I was in complete waterworks mode throughout the entire movie. I don’t even have a brother, just to show that his emotions affected me as if I do have a brother and just lost him. I believe Tess’s role was an essential part in the film because she helped him cope with Sam’s death and brought out his desires again. I just didn’t like that Charlie had to leave Sam in the end, even thought it was nesseccary, I didn’t like it. Also how hot is Charlie for traveling out to sea to look for Tess and when he finds her half dead, he strips to warm he body with his body heat. I love the ending, wouldn’t change anything. All in all, I will view this film again.