Being and looking young forever is the world’s dream come true but it comes with a price, time. Biologically engineered to stop aging once a person turns twenty-five, sets a timer of one more year to live unless they can buy or earn it. Time can be gained through theft, gambling or work. Time is the new money; it can buy you mansions, cars, pay bills, and even buy coffee. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) and his mother, Rachel (Olivia Wilde) live in the ghetto struggling with working days at a time at a job for only mere hours added to their time. Will goes out to have a drink as he watches the remainder of his two or so hours count down. Meanwhile, a man who is rich having over a century of time is flaunting his wealth around in a dangerous neighborhood. When a group of men called the Minute Men-thugs who steal other people’s time-walk in the bar, the leader challenges the man to a duel, winner gets the other person’s time. Win or lose, the Minute Men always get the time. Will intervenes and saves him. While hiding out in a warehouse Will learns that the man is over a century old and wants to die. When the coast is clear and Will is asleep, the man gives him his years and disappears. Will wakes up over a century richer and after a fatal incident happens to a loved one, he moves to the rich neighborhood where he runs into an heiress named, Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried). When Timekeeper Krors (Toby Hemingway) arrives at the party for Sylvia’s father, he is prepared to take Will to the station on suspicion of murdering the man who gave him all of the extra time. Will kidnaps Sylvia and they are on the run from the timekeepers while trying to stay alive as their time has been stolen leaving them less than an hour of survival. Will they find more time? Will Will return Sylvia? Will the timekeepers catch them? 


            First, I would like to say that the concept of this film is a fantastic view of the future. There are not a lot of special effects or flying cars but the idea of replacing money with time and adding eternal youth is a new brilliant. Right from the beginning, I was drawn in and overwhelmed with suspense and awe. I love how they kept saying what things cost in time and comparing them to the time an individual has left, such as, a cup of coffee can costs two hours-up from one hour a day before. Another example was how a race car can cost fifty nine years, wow, that’s expensive! Justin’s, as always, was superb. My adrenaline was flowing so fast that I almost had a teary moment during his teary moment. Amanda’s character is nothing special. She played a nice role but not too different from what she usually plays in films. This film has constant dilemma and action. During intense scenes, I would believe that it is over for Will and he is either about to die or become captured. At times neither happened and while the situation was dangerous, the outcome caused more dilemmas. Another dilemma I like the film does is that it constantly reminds the audience of how close to expiration the characters are nearing. I also loved the originality. There are a lot of futuristic films but staying young for as long as you keep adding time is something I haven’t heard of. All in all, I will buy this film on Blu Ray/DVD.