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Let me start off by saying that often times I watch movies that either get poor reviews or I just know are going to be pretty bad.  I do this because I like to see what’s out there.  Whether I make it through the entire thing is a whole other topic.  I knew “Steve” didn’t do well at the Box Office, but I’m a fan of the actors so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I hate to say it, but it was so much worse than I thought it would be.  This movies is supposed to be a comedy, but there isn’t anything funny about it.  Sandra Bullock’s character was laughable and not in a good way.  Her mannerisms were just annoying to watch.  None of the other characters irritated me in the way her’s did.  I realize her character was supposed to be “off” a bit, but it didn’t make me care about her.  She plays a crossword puzzle creator who is alone in her life and gets set up on a blind date with Bradley Cooper‘s character.  He is immediately turned off by her and she proceeds to follow him around for the rest of the film.

The story was just not there for this film.  The situations were not believable and nothing really flowed for me.  I like the idea of Bullock and Cooper together in a film, but I wasn’t feeling the connection with these two.  I know the story is about her basically stalking him, but any two characters in a story must have a level of chemistry to make it believable…even if that chemistry is based on hatred.

Even some of the other actors in the film who I am normally a fan of, disappointed me.  DJ Qualls and Ken Jeong just seemed out-of-place in this movie.  I’m a big fan of Bullock’s, but I wonder who thought it was a good idea to make this movie?

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  1. I went to see this movie plainly because I find Bradley Cooper totally hot and I love to see his pretty face on a big screen. I must admit, it was not worth it at all. I didn’t expect anything great from this movie from the begginig, but what I saw was just so… BAD there aren’t other words to describe it. Sandra Bulock have hit rock bottom, and went right through it. She have fallen so low in this movie, that it is impossible for me that she got an Oscar for another. I don’t think I will be able to ever look at her again and treat her like a serious person. If you don’t want to hate her forever, I advise you – do not EVER watch this movie.

  2. I wouldn’t take it so far to say that it was impossible for her to get an Oscar, but the performance was bad. I find it amusing that she also produced the project.

  3. I took this movie quite differently. It isn’t one I would ever see again but it was good for a few laughs. I went and took it with a grain of salt. I wanted a light comedy and that’s what I got. I enjoyed it. Some of the scenes were ridiculous and Bullock’s character was quite annoying but I think it was all exactly what it was supposed to be- a stupid, light comedy.

  4. I was excited to see this movie. Plainly because Sandra Bullock is one of the best Actress’s on this planet and I believe she can play any character with no flaws. I will however agree this wasn’t the best story plot. But I agree with MoviesAccordingtoDes. Don’t expect rolling on the floor laughing. But it was cute. :)

  5. I commend you for finding something to like about this film. To each their own, right? :) I just didn’t find the jokes funny and the characters were so cartoony that I couldn’t take any of it seriously.

  6. Have to go along with the main theme with the reviews on this movie. I had to give it two chances to actually get throught the whole thing and at the end it left a bad taste in my mouth. I expected much more but I knew from the trailer to not expect much and I got just that. Sorry Bullock and Cooper who I enjoy watching most of the time, maybe next time.

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