17 Again (2009)

This movie has been done in a sense numerous times, such as “13 Going on 30” or the opposite version of it would be “Big”. I did not have high expectations for “Seventeen Again” I merely was looking forward to it because of Zac Efron, he’s cute and funny and all around a decent actor. 

Zac plays a seventeen year old boy Mike O’Donell who once was at the top of the world with his future basketball career until his girlfriend from Scarlet (Allison Miller) gets pregnant. He gives up his world to marry Scarlet and raise their child. Eighteen years down the road Mike’s life is not so lucky, He is in the middle of a divorce with his wife Scarlet (Leslie Mann as the adult). Mike (Matthew Perry as the adult) goes to pick his kids, who want nothing to do with him, up from school. While there Mike reminisce his old basketball days, while there a janitor asks him if he’d like to go back to being seventeen and Mike says yes. The next morning Mike wakes up to find himself in his seventeen year old body. At first he freaks but then decides that he should enroll in school, he thinks it would be a good way to become close to his kids. While in his seventeen year old body he realizes all the things he has done wrong in life and realizes that the only thing he wants is the love of his life back, Scarlet.

This movie took me by surprise I thought that Jason Filardi wrote a great script and that all the actors played their parts above and beyond what I expected. This was a great film, it won’t be winning any awards, but it is a good heart felt movie that almost anyone of all ages can enjoy!

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