Population 436 (2006)

They give away the ending of this movie within the first minute, better yet the title gave it away “Population 436” there was nothing more to draw me in. I expected a twist or something totally off the wall to happen, and it never did. The movie left with little to desire.

Steve Kady (Jeremy Sisto) who works for the US Census Bureau was sent out to a small town called Rockwell Falls. He was to interview the residents about the non-changing population of 436 people, the same amount of people had lived in that small town for over 100 years. During Kady’s stay he falls in love with a young woman Courtney Lovatt (Charlottle Sullivan) who is the daughter of the ladies house who is housing him. He also starts to form a friendship with Deputy Bobby Caine (Fred Durst) who just so happens to be in love with Courtney. 

Kady also becomes friends with a young girl, Amanda, who is teh daughter of a man who tried to escape Rockwell Falls, and was killed. The doctor says that Amanda is schizophrenic and has to be hospitalized. Amanda and Courtney want to leave the town with Kady, but the towns people have a different plan for them.

I was let down in numerous ways for this movie. The acting was not great and the script was even worse. It was supposed to be a Thriller and it just left me bored. I was disappointed by merely everything.

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  1. I saw this too and was underwhelmed. Somehow, Fred Durst did a decent job as the deputy. But aside from that, it was a complete letdown for me.

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