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Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Coming into this movie with the knowledge of the two books and the graphic novels of Wonderland, I figured that it would do justice to the story, and would be a smash hit in the field of well constructed story around the Lewis Carroll masterpiece. Dreadfully, I was wrong. Though the same central characters are involved, the story is rather different.

The story takes place 13 years after the events in the Wonderland series, and Alice is about to get married… though she has no involvement in the matter. When she is confronted with the matter, she runs off after a white rabbit in a suit coat. When she reaches the place he ran off to, she looks into it; it is a gaping hole in a tree on a hill. When she looks in, her hand slipped, and she falls into the abyss of blackness to land in a familiar-to-the-audience room with checker tile, a table with a vile and a key, and six doors circled around her.

Best aspects of the film are the amazing acting of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and voice talents of the great Alan Rickman. There are also some flaws to the film, such as the f-u-to-the-face ending where it is sad because nothing good (or should I just say nothing and be done with it) happens. Another flaw is the way that it seemed too Tim Burtonish to be made by Tim Burton. Its like his style of filming was trying to be copied… by himself. The Mad Hatter also had a Scottish double personality… I don’t think he was like that in the book.

Bottom Line: C+. Fantastic potential, but seemed to be too filled with emotional side-trackings and a crummy ending to be worth the $11 student ticket.

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