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Adventures in Babysitting

This movie is rated PG-13, mostly for sexual situations.  It is an hour and forty-two minutes long.  It stars Elisabeth Shue, in a role that is probablu one of her most famous roles. 

 This movie is about a hapless babysitter and the trouble she gets into in a night that is supposed to be just an ordinary babysitting job.  The babysitter, played by Shue, wants just an ordinary babysitting night, with movies and homework, however that is not what she gets.  What she gets is a phone call from her anxious friend, and an adventure she, and the kids she is babysitting, is not exactly ready for.  Throughout the night she loses and finds things, becomes frightened for the kids she is babysitting, and falls in love. 

This movie was fun at the time and may still be fun now, depending on what you are looking for in a movie.  If you want a comedy with a lot of body humor then you shouldn’t watch this movie.  The humor in this movie is higher than fart jokes.  It has laughs and romance, which are always good in a comedy.  The youngsters are played wonderfully, especially the little girl who goes around seraching for her hero to save and rescue them, with somewhat surprising results.

One of the things I didn’t really like about this movie was that some of the settings were dark and tried to be more dramitic than they were.  This movie had very little suspense, and really didn’t give you much reason to root for the romance between Shue and her boy love.  There were many times when you look at the movie and ask yourself why they put that in there, but it was fun.

I reccomend this movie to anyone who wants a chuckle, or anyone who wants to be taken back a few years.  The hairstyles and clothes might just be enough for the chuckle.

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