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Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Though this film was HEAVILY overlooked as a childrens’ movie, it had great adult-stylings in it under the childrens’ story, which is pretty dark altogether. The film had some funny and action-packed parts, one of the best soundtracks, hell, the best, in Disney-Walden history, and one of the best ending songs ever, The Call by Regina Spektor. This film really reminds me of summer, and it will always be in my memories because of the events that surrounded it. But though there were bad events around it, the film still delivered beautifully, and made that day for me.

The C.S. Lewis books set the way for this 2nd entry in the life of the four children who once went through the wardrobe and came out kings and queens. 1300 years later, the children venture back into Narnia from a mysterious young Prince Caspian blowing a horn that sent the children back into the magical land of beyond, and when they arrive, they find Narnia a more savage place than it was before. The human-esque villans are trying to destroy all of the magical animals in Narnia to extend the human empire, and the children, along with Caspian must stand up against the horde of people.

Best Aspects: SMDA: Script, Music, Direction, Acting. All were fabulous.

Worst Aspects: Graphics were a bit cheesy, and the aspect of a “for children” movie was worked at too hard. If they had made it more violent, say, PG-13, then it would have probably been better on the critics and the people who viewed it since the book was pretty violent.

Bottom Line: A. Great film, better than the first, and a must see for anyone who wants to see a good fantasy film.

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