Let the Right One In

Many people were on the Twilight boat in 2008, convinced it was the best thing since sliced bread, but this PG-13 rated crapstorm of a teenie-bopper drama is what makes my generation so two sided in ideas. Since this anticipated vamp movie came out, many people missed out on this film, which was, in my opinion, the best vampire movie… ever. With its perfect amount of violence, and its great amount of acting ability from the Swede cast (as the Swedish book would have wanted). The film was just simply excellent, and introduced a new hope for more films, be them foreign or not, like this.

Oskar is a bullied and overlooked child who befriends a new neighbor, Eli, a girl who is twelve… and has been twelve for over 200 years.

The best aspects of the film are the outstanding sequences, the great acting, great plot, great direction, great screenplay, and one of the most epic endings in history.

Bottom Line: A+. Near perfect movie, which is now my favorite foreign film.

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