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Inception: A Second Glance

After seeing Inception once, I was able to fill in the pieces better the second time I saw it, and look for key parts to what the ending meant to me. I found something, and I realized that it changed my perception of the ending, and so I must say that I am extremely glad that I saw this film another time, because it allowed me to see what I thought it all meant. I’ll be seeing it one more time before DVD, and so then I can voice my final opinion.

Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+. Didn’t you guys give Toy Story 3 and The Hurt Locker an A and Paranormal Activity an A-? Come on, get some real reviewers in there, EW. Someone who is really not political and just says a movie is crap if it is or if a movie is good, say it and don’t just go with the dominant paradigm. Subvert it, damnit! That’s what reviewers do!

Best Aspects: Everything. But, if Heath Ledger were still alive, he would have been a perfect Arthur (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

Bottom Line: A++. Best movie ever… STILL.

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  1. I definitely agree with you. I also saw ‘Inception’ twice and the second time, for me, was better than the first because I was understanding everything better and looking for the key elements that made up the whole story and ending. This film is truly incredible, Christopher Nolan took this unbelievably unique idea and created a masterpiece through his direction. The acting was superb to say the least. I thought Marion Cottillard and Cillian Murphy stole the show. Cottillard was fierce, strong and at parts vulnerable. Her character was complex and had an array of different levels of emotions and she performed her beautifully. Murphy was fragile, vulnerable and naive and I thought he too was wonderful in his performance. Everyone was great though and the action shots were amazing, especially since there was minimal CGI. All in all the best movie of the year, so far, in my opinion.

  2. True the second time watch makes us understand more, the same goes to chris nolans memento the more times you watch it the more it reveals. The movie was exceptionally well made no doubt about it

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