The Invisible (2007)

The invisible is probably such a great movie and very undestimated not many people have seen this let alone heard of this movie. This movie has Justin Chatwin as (Nick Powell), Margarita Levieva as ( Annie Newton), and Marcia Gay Harden as (Diane Powell) also directed by David S. Goyer Screen Play by Mick Davis and Christine Roum. This movie is set around a high school senior Nick Powell whos father died not to long ago and was really close with while his mom was just a work alocholic and cared that her son went to college for something more realistic. Nick had a best friend Pete who had owed a bully in school Annie Newton money for buying a phone from her, while pete didnt have the have money to pay her so Nick decided to pay her back. So a few days later nick decided he wanted to do what was his passion to go to a writing expo in london and his mom had found out but nick was gonna go either way and his mom and best friend were the only ones who knew what he was doing, But at a party before nick left he realized he didnt want to go. Nick was just walking around at night when all of sudden was attacked and beaten but the attacker took it too far and accidently beat him to death and was left for dead but in all reality was not actually dead and was stuck between limbo of being dead and alive and was a ghost who had a very short window of being saved but his issue is no one can see him  or hear except for his attack who must try to save him before time runs out.

Nick powell was just a normal teenager who had a passion to write and his mom didnt think it was quite a unrealistic choice of a career. So nick decided that he was gonna make this happen rather his mom approved or not he bought a ticket to go to a writing expo in london. Which only his mom who accidently found out about the ticket and best friend knew he was leaving, before leaving he decided to go to a party then realized to not go and reality just set in and did not want to go anymore. So pete who was walking around had been approached by annie the school bully who had thousands of dollars in merchandise she had stolen and was selling out of her locker, and Annie Newton figured pete had told on him and pete told her he had not done it but annie was not gonna believe him and pete say that Nick Powell had done who was later walking around at night and then all of sudden nick was hit by a car and thrown down a hill and beat up by annie and pete was shocked to see Nick. Annie had taken it to far and killed Nick  they decided to just throw nick down a sewer but nick had woken up the next day and went to school but after numerous incidents nick found out he was dead and was trying to get the attenion of any one. While annie had found out that her boyfriend marcus told the cops what she did he tried setting up a fake meeting with the people who had helped with nicks beating and her but she found he did it and tricked her. So while annie was help at gun point by her boyfriend the cops showed up and tried to get annie to talk about nick powell but while nick was watching the whole thing and no one could see or hear him. He had found out the annie heard him and then shortly after the next she saw him and decided she was gonna do something good and help nick before its too late he dies, But when annie and nick went to go find his body and get the cops to find the body. Nick and Annie discoverd the body of nick was gone and had been moved, While nick already a short window to live and come back before its too late now thier on a wild goose chase trying to find the body before the time runs out to save nick and help him. Annie wanted to do something good after soo much bad but with such a short small window to save nick and get him to the hospital, Annie was the only chance he had of finding his body to tell the cops will nick and annie find his body before its too late and a mother looses her son forever.

The acting in this movie from Justin Chatwin who played Nick Powell and Margarita Levieva who was Annie Newton. The two had such amazing chemistry playing roles that were serious and soo involved with the whole plot of the movie and get nicks body to safety and hospital before time runs out. What these two did in this movie was just brillant they just acted off eachothers feelings and the emotions so high with some of the scenes. They both had brought raw real acting to the roles the was very believe able and wanted to just hope that annie and nick can find and save nick and you end up really liking annie from changing from a rough and tuff girl to someone realized what she had and wanted to save and fix what she did so she could do one good thing in her life.

The direction this movie took had a great flow and didnt have any spots where you did not know what the actors were gonna do or how nick and annie  teamed up a realized  she was his only hope to survival. They were able to give a movie with such raw emotions for a girl and guy from two opposites worlds can come together and change the attitude and want to do something as brave and important as trying to save a life. With direction of annie and nick family and friends had also fit soo well to a story that never went a second with out knowing what the other side was or how they were gonna save nick what the cops were doing, what annie and nick had to do. The film had really opened your eyes to the qoute ” Dont Judge a Book By Its Cover” which i think  really stands true to this story line, just because annie was a rough and tuff girl who did not care about any more but her family really showed through and surprised everyone when she was able to be the changing factor of a persons life.

My reaction to this movie was absoultely mind blowing from the acting of everyone, the story line, to the directing and how real it felt. Was just amazing and this is really a must see movie that i would recommend to people who like that dark drama mystery waiting to know whats happening factor in a movie. This really is a nail bitting on the edge of your seat movie with all the twists and surprises that take place within this movie will just blow you away and make you want to see it again and again. For me i have watched this movie 10 something times and just really think this a movie everyone would like and wanna keep seeing over and over. Just as such a raw real emotions that make you feel bad and want nothing but good to come out and keeps you thinking through out the whole movie if they get nicks body to hospital or not and just have to wait and find out if this a happy ending.

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