‘The Artist’ is made as a silent film with no dialogue and it’s filmed in black and white

The film’s two lead actors are unfamiliar to most and will not be recognized by sight


Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo are the leads and each has quite an expressive face

Around the time when ‘talkies’ were being introduced is when the story takes place


Dujardin plays the king of the silent films who is a very big star at the top of his game

Bejo goes from dancer to talking film star and becomes the industry’s hottest dame


He is the one who sort of discovers her and they become connected in an odd way

Silent films start losing their popularity as audiences want to hear what the actors say


Some recognizable stars have supporting roles and add to the film’s unique style

You’ll see John Goodman, James Cromwell, Penelope Ann Miller and Missi Pyle


The film is an homage to the silent film era and there’s a love story mixed in there too

It starts light and fun then gets serious and dramatic, something I didn’t expect it to do


It slows down in the middle but overall it’s very good (not great), I’ll have you know

The hype had my expectations very high so lower yours a bit and give this film a go