Average touches, sneeze, grabs, coughs, shakes, sips, and rubs lead to the beginning of an epidemic respiratory deadly virus. With the virus starting in Hong Kong and traveling to the US and other countries, departments like the CDC, struggle to find vaccine because they do not know what the virus is or where it comes from. After weeks and months go by with millions of people dead and more dying every day, survivors become desperate with violently looting stores and homeowner’s houses. A blogger declares that the government has found a vaccine and is hiding it to use on their loved ones and plan to capitalize it to the rest of the world. Is the blogger right? Is the virus a conspiracy? Is the military behind it with the constant testing for a deadly weapon against the enemy? Will the human race go instinct? Review: 

            I didn’t see this film in the theaters because the trailer basically told me the whole movie and I would find it a bore to watch. I was right. It was all about people getting sick and die, and then the government looked for a vaccine while the world goes into chaos, blah, blah, blah. A scene that stood out to me (which is shown in a trailer) is when Thomas Emhoff (Matt Damon) learns that his wife just died from the virus, yet he doesn’t show any emotion, not anger or sadness or pity. He just stood there looking at the doctor dumbfounded and slow-minded. I wasn’t into the wife’s character and I felt more sadness for her then her husband, not a good move for a film. This whole movie was basically like a science documentary because all I kept hearing were one too many science terms of the virus doing this and doing that, boring. I understand that the CDC and other departments like them have to analyze and investigate stuff and have to use that type of language but I only need so much to understand the concept. This is supposed to be a movie not a viral documentary. As for the cast, yet again, there were too many A-listers in one movie. At least this time, no more tried to steal the spotlight with overacting. The characters just seem to pop in and out like when you first find Waldo but lose him a second later, not relevant at all. I don’t approve of the script as it was bland and dull, the acting was forced and boring and the scenery looked like a Hollywood set. All in all, I will not see this film again.

4 thoughts on “Contagion-Review”

  1. First things first, make sure you spell your movie title correctly. You’re not even close and that says a lot about your review…i.e. that you don’t care much.

    Second, it seems like you got the gist of the movie but nonetheless misunderstood most of it. I can’t tell you how strongly I disagree with your comment that the language of the film makes it boring. There’s a big complicated world out there and its your job to explore it, learn new things, and understand it better. Just because it’s a movie the writing is not going to be “dumbed down” so that it becomes more interesting to you. The film is trying to be realistic. To explore the possibilities of “what if”, “what would it be like?”. In other words, it asks you to put yourself in the shoes of the various people encountering this situation. How would you feel? How would you react? That is where the entertainment comes from. Its not about what happens, its about how it happens.

    I’m not saying that this is a great movie, just that I felt much of your observations and conclusions about the film lack proper justification because of this general misunderstanding.

  2. First things first, we are all suppose to be adults here, there is no need to be nasty. If you disagree with my review, fine, I respect that but the immature words are unnecessary, which shows your character. Second of all, spelling mistakes happen no one is perfect. Third, I didn’t say anything about the film needing dumbing down. Like I said in my review, I understand the way the movie is suppose to be I just don’t like it. Fourth, this film will not be taken to heart by viewers because if that epidemic did happen, I’m pretty sure people will not stop and say “wait, what did people from that movie Contagion do? They seem like brilliant people and we will surely die if we don’t do what those actors did.” Highly unlikely. To me a movie can be informative but just has to strike my attention, just some documentaries do (not saying they are like blockbuster movies). In the end, I respect your decision to disagree with me but not the wording, a little kindness goes a long way. Thank you and have a pleasant day GSP.

  3. Thanks for your response. I appologize if I sounded harsh, I didn’t mean to.

    When you log in and go to your account, you will see a tab that says “manage”. Here it lists all the reveiws posted starting from the most recent. Here you can edit you posts while they are posted, or delete them. I make many spelling mistakes myself that I catch and use this tool to correct them. Also, using this tool means you don’t have to make a new post to correct your mistakes or make revisions.

    With all due respect I still feel that I have the right to call foul if I read something that doesn’t make sense or makes me feel like the writer doesn’t know what they are talking about. When you claim that there are “too many science terms of the virus doing this and doing that, boring”, it makes it sound like you didn’t make the effort to understand what was happening. Did you mean that you felt the portion of the film that had to do with researching a cure went into too much detail and distracted from the other story lines? That is a valid point. Furthermore everything you mention about the movie happens in the beginning. For me it takes away from the validity of your points if you don’t reference the movie as a whole.

  4. Thank you kindly for the editing information. I have been part of this site for almost two years and never knew where to edit my post, it will come in handy in the future. Also, I am very open-minded and not only welcome commenters who agree with me but also those who don’t because maybe I am wrong and the commenter can open my eyes to things I didn’t notice. So feel free to disagree if you must just respectfully. Yes, that’s exactly what I meant that all of the research talk was distracting, it was like I was sitting in a lecture class. I often don’t like to comment on the while movie because some critics haven’t seen it yet and I don’t want to give away all of the details, just mainly those seen in trailers. Happy movie watching, writing, and wonderful day.

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