To “rule” is to be awesome, to be grand, to be worthy of admiration, however, what is it to be the film Georgia Rule?

Well, for starters, if you were the film Georgia Rule you would have been directed by the legendary Garry Marshall. You would also have a strongly feminine cast with the three leads going to Lindsay Lohan, Jane Fonda, and Felicity Huffman. Dermot Mulroney, Cary Elwes, and Garret Hedlund are the male co-stars.

Okay let’s end the make-believe and really get into the film, which you probably don’t want to be; come on if you could pick any film to be surely it wouldn’t be this? This movie is full of cute dialog, interesting characters, and solid enough plot. However, all of those ingredients were apparently only available in the script because the movie itself is executed as if it were an amateur filmmakers rehearsal session. Maybe it is not that drastically bad, but the lines are given without the proper emotion through well over the first half and there is an awkwardness to the punchlines. Lindsay Lohan seems to rush her lines way too fast, even though her character is a bit of a quick talker and when Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman team up in some back and forth their eyes just look like they are deer caught in the headlights and one can almost hear crickets.

The story is about a troubled young girl being forced to move in with her granny in the middle of a hillbilly and Christian Idaho town. Her city ways don’t exactly mix well with the locals and on top of that she accidentally confesses a dark family secret that soon brings herself, her mother, and grandmother together in an emotional battle to figure out where love went wrong. Sounds great, doesn’t ladies? I bet avid fans of the Lifetime channel would pelt me with rotted fruit for this review.

The film does get better as it goes along and like I said I have much respect for some of the humor in the dialog and some of the scenarios. Midwestern people are portrayed a bit silly in many circumstances and one hole in the film logic has to do with Dermont’s character being a vet. It is a small town, but apparently the vet’s office is one of the most booming businesses ever. In vet scenes his offices and waiting room are always full and there is always a lot going on there. Sure he is moonlighting illegally as a people doctor too, but are all of the people and animals in the town sick?

Director Garry Marshall I think has lost a lot of relevance in the film industry as far as whether or not people care to see a movie if it is just directed by him. His golden child will forever be Pretty Woman and I think people looking back are slowly beginning to realize how not great that movie actually was.

Georgia Rule was not total crap, just crappily executed in some degrees. I was able to watch all of it and in the end it was okay; you get used to it. However, I wouldn’t exactly suggest trying it out and getting used to it.