Reno 911: Miami

A show that has gone from the television to the big screen, and now on DVD; how well does Reno 911: Miami translate?

Reno 911: Miami was directed by Ben Garant and stars all of the regular television show cast, along with some movie star cameos. The plot centers around the laughably dumb Reno police force as they head to Miami for a convention only to find that due to a terrorist event they are the only police left to protect the city.

Fans of the television show should be glad to be receiving a slightly longer plot and no censorship. There is something to be said about hearing the characters profane motto like exclamations over and over again; “What the f#58!” Personally I have never seen the show on television, however this film does make me want to check out at least a few episodes to see if it is worth tuning in. So for those who are not familiar with the characters or set-up, they will not have any problem following along with things or getting into it.

What could have been a one joke sort of movie stretched too long is done well enough. Barely reaching an hour and a half Reno 911: Miami was perfectly cut off when enough was enough and before boredom could set it. The film is a quick watch with plenty of giggles to constitute it having been made or you renting it. Some of the humor is a bit too corny to be funny, but the characters are goofy with their quirks and acted well enough to keep ones attention.

The DVD is packaged as an unrated version with a synopsis on the back laying heavy emphasis on non-pixilated shots of topless women. There is a topless beach scene, however, the movie overall isn’t a boob fest. It is full of sexual toned humor and other crude, occasionally bloody gags, so be warned it is for adults, but it’s not one of those cheaply done sexploitation films like the American Pie series gone straight to DVD.

Reno 911:Miami was an good adaptation of a television series to the big screen and just the perfect length so that it did not go on for too long. The movie is worth a rent and be sure to look out for some bigger named movie celebrities throughout; who knew Paul Reubens was Terry’s dad?

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