Cool Hand Luke

“Cool Hand Luke” stars Paul Newman as Lucas Jackson and mostly takes place at a prison where he takes part in a chain gang. Mainly categorized as a drama with some humor mixed in. “Cool Hand Luke” co-stars George Kennedy and is directed by Stuart Rosenberg.

The film starts off with Lucas Jackson committing the crime of vandalism in a parking lot while intoxicated. He is then sentenced to a chain gang in the South. He soon becomes the talk of the prison when he claims to be able to eat fifty hard boiled eggs. After many attempts to escape, he is tracked down by the guard dogs. His sentence keeps getting extended for his behavior and he soon gets tired of the extra hard work given to him as punishment. As a result, he gives escaping one more try.

This is definitely a masterpiece. Great performances from every actor’s part and has one of the most quotable lines in cinema history. This is a film that will grab you and hold you decades after it is over. Ranks among the greatest films ever made along with “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. “Cool Hand Luke” is Paul Newman’s signature film and most memorable one. 

Having been made in 1967, it is still considered to be one of the most appreciated films of all time. “Cool Hand Luke” features a spectacular script written by Donn Pearce and Frank Pierson. Unforgettable movie that should be experienced by all movie lovers. If you try to scope out the films flaws, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is movie making at it’s best.

This film will be admired for years to come for it’s high degree in film making. A film that actually demonstrates what the perfect movie should look like. Unforgettable performances, good direction done by Stuart Rosenberg, excellent script written by Donn Pearce and Frank Pierson, and catchy lines such as “What we have here is a failure to communicate” makes for one of the most honorable movies ever made.

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  1. Agree 100% with this review. Cool Hand Luke is indeed Newman’s best movie and remains one of the most memorable of all time. The film epitomizes courage and persistence, and strikes it’s audience with hope, hope shared by the main character, hope for a man’s escape from oppression. Perhaps most intersting is that it strikes it’s watcher with hope for a man who is not necessarily worth hoping for. The famous lines spoken by the warden (“Captain”, played by Strother Martin) can be found at the beginning of the Guns n’ Roses song “Civil War”, an example of how far into pop culture this movie’s influence has struck.

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