Okay I decided after reading some other reviews of this movie to write my own because I believe the biggest injustice done to movies by people watching and/or reviewing them is overthinking them. Listen people, there are some movies out there that just by watching the preview you know you are in for a ride and can probably assume the perfect storyline will be thrown out the window in exchange for a thrill ride with over the top action and hopefully something that grabs you so you talk about it to other people which I feel this movie did well. Yeah the curving of bullets is completely ridiculous but who cares? It’s cool and looks good on screen. I personally feel connected to the main character trudging through life being taken advantage of and finally one day he snaps and for him he becomes a super assassin. I wish that would be my eventual fate but I can only dream so I gladly accept this movie for what it was intended for and hope people can open their minds a little more because I think that’s the problem with the big paid critics in Hollywood nowadays, movies are supposed to be entertaining and in order to do that they don’t always need things to fit or make sense if the delivery is on par. Thank you and I don’t mean to offend anyone by this review.