Star Trek (2009)

I may be stepping on people’s toes here but I must say that this is the best or at least one of the top five reimaginings of older films I have ever watched.  The most important part thta makes this movie stick out to me is the character choice. Everyone fits the part and that is hard in any movie that is redone but this particular movie had to be a handful to get it right and wow. They did it.  The storyline, the characters, the action, the humor, this movie had it all.The sound effects on the ship are reminiscent of the old movies and shows.  You don’t have to even enjoy Star Trek from the old to like this movie, it appeals to all audiences. This movie was top notch and my hat goes off to everyone involved in putting this movie together. A must-see in my opinion, since I enjoyed the entire movie I can’t really be specific to any certain parts so just do yourself a favor and check this movie out. That’s really al I can say of a movie of this caliber. Well done. 

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