Straw Dogs-Review

            TV actress Amy Sumner (Kate Bosworth) and her screenwriter husband David (James Marsden) take a break from the busy life in LA and move into Amy’s childhood house in Mississippi. The couple hires Amy’s old friends including an old boyfriend to help renovate the house. The townspeople declare David an uptight rich guy who is married to the town’s beauty the moment they step foot in town. With David trying to focus on his writing despite the loud music coming from the men’s radio while they hammer outside, the men also start to visibly harass Amy during her workout routines. The tension between Amy and David increases when they find her house cat dead in their closet. Being on guard, they make a plan of drastic measures if something else happens. One evening the town’s drunk is in search of his daughter who is forbidden but hangs around a mentally challenged man. The man ends up at Amy and David’s house. The drunk and the men arrive there with guns and liquor in hands ready to take vengeance if the girl is not found. What will Amy and David do? Will they kill the mentally challenged man? What happened to the girl? Will David take measures into his own hands to protect his wife? 


            I must say that I like this film for the wrong and right reasons. I like that I hated the character’s decisions in the film. Everything could have been resolved with just one smart decision but then it wouldn’t be a movie. First and foremost, I thought that David was a wimp, lacking the manly qualities to protect his wife and comfort her when she is emotionally stressed. He was more focused on writing then what was going on around him. I understand that he wanted to stay out of people’s business or to not cause trouble but one can only keep his mouth shut and fist unclenched for so long. Amy really got on my nerves. (This is shown on a trailer). There are moments in the film where she is going for a run around her house only wearing thin short shorts and a thin spaghetti strap with no bra while are men working and watching. Then she has the nerve to complain when things go south. I do understand that a woman can wear whatever she wants without being a victim to a man’s vicious thoughts but a little modesty could have prevented the inevitable in the film. When it is time to get dirty and stop the men from coming into the house and hurting them, David is suppose to be the one that gains guts but to me it is Amy that does all of the hurting. All in all, I will only see this film when there is nothing else to watch on-demand on Netflix.

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