Wanted Stars Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy.  It is rated R for violence, language and intense scenes.  It is an hour and fifty minutes long. 

Based on a graphic novel this movie follows a line of assassins who have let fate provide their kills for them.  The main character, Wesley, finds himself being drawn, no thrust into their world.  One of the head men Sloan (played by Morgan Freeman) find Wesley with the help of his fellow Assassins, mostly Fox (played by Angelina Jolie).  They take this young accountant, who has a droll and lonely life, a man whose boss is a pain in his crack and whose girlfriend isn’t the best girlfriend he could hope for, and they make him a killer.  Or they try to, so that he can get vengeance on the man who killed his father, or the man who had his father killed.  In the end only one assassin can remain standing, and it is a fight to the finish to see who lives.

This movie as I said is based on a graphic novel, and it looks like it, but not in the same well thought out way of movies like Sin City or Batman.  It has some very interesting special effects, at least one involving a car, which were well done and exciting.  Yet I had to realize when I entered the movie that this wasn’t a movie based in plot or storyline, it was a movie based on special effects and not much more.  Plus to see this movie I had to suspend reality more than I have had to do for most other movies.

Everything involving a gun pretty much couldn’t happen, and the reason I know this is because the person I went to see the movie with is a competitive shooter.  There is no way to curve a bullet in a circle killing everyone standing in that circle.  There is no way to shoot one single bullet from so far away that you are basically in another country.  I also am not sure my suspension of belief will go that far.  Plus none of the characters were really that well developed.  We know Wesley’s father wasn’t around to raise him but we get no idea of who did raise him or where he lived or how he got to where he was.  Plus Angelina Jolie’s character, Fox, is the only other character we get any history on and it is only childhood history as well.  We know what happened to her as a young girl but we don’t know really how she got from there to where she ended up.  Plus as a group of assassins they seem so easy to manipulate and not out for themselves enough. 

That said I can’t say if I was happy or not to see this movie.  It was a fun movie, especially if you like lots of special effects and fun, but not a good movie if you like character driven plots and good storylines.  If you are interested in the graphic novel then I don’t know what to tell you because I have no idea how the graphic novel is written or drawn so I can’t say if you would like this or not.  Personally I think maybe I enjoyed this more than I didn’t, it was fun and some of the inner dialogue of the main character Wesley was funny. 

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