ALFIE (2004)

This Alfie is the re-make of the ‘60s Alfie, which starred Michael Caine.  Written, directed and produced by Charles Shyer, this movie is entertainment at its best as well as an eye-opener for men (and even women) fitting the ‘Alfie’ character. 

Alfie (Jude Law) is a charming, flirtatious, fashion-conscious, promiscuous man who has deep commitment issues.  He lives in
Manhattan and has a pretty easy going job as a driver for a limousine service.  Even though he plays the field, he has a ‘relationship’ with a gorgeous, homely single mom, Julie (Marisa Tomei) but he will soon loose her to his ‘limo fling’ Dorie (Jane Krakowski).  He is not too concerned when Julie finds a pair of lady’s knickers as he has women swarming around him.  His wandering hand however gets him into further trouble when he ‘gets with’ his friend, Marlon’s (Omar Epps) lady.  Things really start going sour though when his libido lets him down and his reputation takes a bad knock.  Alfie even has a testicular cancer scare but when it proves negative, he bounces back oblivious of his recent ‘traumas’.  He meets Nikki (Sienna Miller) whom he believes is the woman for him but time shows her true ‘crazy’ colours and she too becomes history in the life of Alfie. Then he meets a more mature woman, Liz (Susan Sarandon) and he finds himself in unknown territory when he wants to settle with her.   

Ever heard of “what goes around, comes around”?  We often get what we give and Alfie’s tables have turned.  This is a bitter-sweet tale about infidelity and the repercussions.  What appears to be a full, active life is a lonely one. 

I recommend this dvd because it’s fast moving, boasts a great cast and there’s a lesson to be learnt.  

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