Mother’s Day-Review

            Beth Sohapi (Jamie King) and husband Daniel (Frank Grillo)-who just moved into their dream home-are throwing a birthday party with a few friends until trouble breaks in the front door. Brothers Izaak (Patrick John Flueger) and Addley Kofin (Warren Kole) stagger in with their little brother, Johnny (Matt O’Leary) who was shot during a bank heist. Expecting to return to their childhood home, the boys realize that the house was sold as new owners occupy it and are having a party in the basement. With Johnny nearing death and Izaak unable to control Addley’s overactive behavior, they call Mother (Rebecca De Mornay) to help. Once she arrives and the guests are aware of the dangerous situation they’re in from guns pointed and threatening to use them. Mother asks the owners to give her possession that is hiding somewhere in the house. Beth and Daniel’s confusion and fear makes her upset and the torture begins. Will anyone die? Will the Kofins find what they want and kill them? Will the authorities connect the dots that the Kofins used to reside there and rescue the captives?




            I haven’t seen a film with Rebecca De Mornay since she played a psycho-mother-wanna-be in The hand that rocks the cradle and I guess she brings that character with her in this film but a little more sadistic. Upon viewing the trailer, I knew that this film was going to be a type of The Hills Have eyes without the disease. I kind of enjoyed watching it because it had a fair amount of scenarios that drew me into the scenes. As usual, films like these make victims in dangerous situations decide on stupid choices that otherwise could have saved them, but then it wouldn’t be much of a movie. I thought each of the actors performances were adequate, nothing memorable. In fact, the way the script was written I wanted to see some of the victims not live through the tortures because of the really bad decisions they made. For instance, the Sohapis knew exactly where the items were that Mother was looking for yet they continue to not tell her and suffered the consequences of watching their friends scream from the brother’s afflictions. At times, there were scenes that ran too long and took even longer to build up what a character was planning, like, Mother giving a long speech before burning a memorable picture of Daniel’s. All in all, I will not see this film again. Rating: 2.5

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