Not many people know this, but Tim Burton actually started working in Hollywood at Disney. What a twist! Yeah, Tim Burton actually made a couple of short films for Disney before he became a huge success. He did two films entitled “Vincent”, a tribute to famed horror actor Vincent Price, and “Frankenweenie”, a humorous look at the Frankenstein tale. Unfortunately, Disney deemed these projects as “too scary”. Now the company has realized their mistake and gave Tim Burton a job at turning “Frankenweenie” into a full-length feature film. The end result is simply one of the director’s best works. “Frankenweenie” is a loving tribute to all the horror films of the 1950s as well as being a great animated film to watch.

 The plot involves a young boy named Victor (Charlie Tahan) who loves making home made films that feature his dog Sparky. One day, during a baseball game, a ball goes over the fence and lands in the middle of the road. Sparky goes after it, but unfortunately gets run over in the process. Victor is saddened by the death of his best friend in the entire world. After hearing some useful advice on electricity from his science teacher, Victor does the unthinkable: he reanimates his dog to great success. Now all he has to do is keep Sparky a secret so that his work doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

 “Frankenweenie” is something to behold. This is something that Tim Burton had been wanting to do for quite some time. Now he has done it, the end result truly is something to behold. The story is simple enough for both kids and adults to understand. Time Burton originally wrote the original short story and his direction is perfect. The camera moves on its own, things pop out at you in 3D, and the characters and images are quite memorable. The music by Burton regular Danny Elfman, is a fine choice and suits the film well.

 But what really makes the movie work is the animation. The film is done in stop-motion animation, and long process that’s definitely worth the effort, and here it looks amazing. What really works is the fact that the whole movie is in black and white, and it works. The thing about this is the film is an homage to all of those black and white horror films of the 1950s that people just love. And here, it works out pretty well. From the opening shot of Victor showcasing his film to his parents, to the climatic battle at the end, the animation is just great to look at.

 In conclusion, “Frankenweenie” is one of Tim Burton’s better films as it is based on his original idea that now brings new life (no pun intended) to the big screen. This is for any fan of Tim Burton, and for anyone who wants to know a little filmography about him. This film definitely has potential and should watched by anyone in love with animation.