Balls Of Fury

 Every once in a while, and in modern days every couple of months, there comes a movie that is horribly focused on trying to be stupid and funny that it completely deteriorates people’s respect for comedies. Balls Of Fury is such a movie. I’m all for a good comedy, give me a good one liner or a hilarious situation and I’ll sit through it, what I cannot sit through is stuff like this, Date and Epic Movie, or the Scary Movie franchise. I do not find it funny, and I don’t think anyone does, when someone slips on something and then flies insanely flipping in the air.

The whole using a sports ball as a metaphor for “something” else was fine for the movie dodge ball, which was a breath of fresh air for slapstick comedy for me, but seems like a carbon copy in BOF. The whole movie is like a spoof on sports and Asian action films; unfortunately it carries all of the problems of both of those genres and merges them together.  It tries to take some action, some slapstick, and some competitive sports; the result is a movie messier than anything I’ve ever seen.

Dan Fogler stars in this movie as the washed up used to be the best ping pong player. He now stars on stage as a small family act performing little tricks with ping pong balls.  This all changes when a secret agent played by George Lopez comes and tells him that the man who murdered his father when he was a child is a bad person, oh really, and is holding a tournament for the best ping pongers in the world. He is out of shape however and apparently must receive training from one of the best.

The whole training scenes are stupid clichés running from the master doing a slow interpretive dance like motion, and even the use of a lucky cricket. The master also has a daughter who is played by Maggie Q. I like Maggie Q in Live Free or Die Hard, but her talents seem completely wasted here. Of course Fogler makes it into the tournament and we finally get to see Christopher Walken. The movie tries too hard to be funny but it is predictable, it is stupid, and put plainly it is just not funny. I give it a 1.5/ 5 simply because Christopher Walken can always make me laugh at least once. 

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