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The Brothers Solomon

“The Brothers Solomon” stars Will Arnett as John Solomon and Will Forte as Dean Solomon and is directed by Bob Odenkirk. The movie first takes place at the brother’s apartment and leads to the hospital where their father is in a coma. Categorized as a slapstick comedy with a brainless but big hearted duo.

After receiving two urgent phone calls, the first from the hospital concerning their dying father and the second involving a video rental , John and Dean Solomon head to their two destinations. The two receive the news that their father has gone into a coma and his last wish is for a grandchild. The brothers plan to make their father’s wish to come true, regardless of what it takes. Unaware of the disastrous events that follow, the brothers try to get someone to follow their plan. They can’t seem to get anyone to carry their child, so the two turn to their last resort, the Internet. They finally get a response from a woman asking for a ten thousand dollar reward because she needs the money and wants to have a baby.  

“The Brothers Solomon” makes “Dumb and Dumberer” look like a decent comedy. The two characters in the film do outrageously dumb antics and have a tendency to make the viewer feel dumb for paying for admission to the movie. It is better than “Balls of Fury” but never comes close to topping the film it intended to, which is “Dumb and Dumber”. This film  contains one of the most longest and needless scenes that I have ever scene lasting almost ten minutes long involving a airplane banner.

 The direction was sloppy and the humor is dull. The film never has a consistent pace and the timing was off. John and Dean Solomon have to be the worst on-screen duo to come along in a long time. “The Brothers Solomon” might work for some people, but it sure didn’t work for me. 

This is a Slapstick Comedy minus the comedy. After awhile, the movie just becomes annoying and ignorant, but somehow watchable. The jokes are played out. It has a predictable ending that is executed badly. I do think that the brothers were casted well, but with nothing to work with, their talents were wasted. Maybe it would work better as a Saturday Night Live skit. Poorly directed, lack of timing and pace, and a over-the-top mindless script makes this a major mess of a comedy.  

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