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Mirror Mirror (2012)


The Snow White fairy tale has been adapted to the screen multiple times. And now we have “Mirror Mirror”, another adaptation of the Snow White story. How does it look? Pretty bad from this critic’s perspective. It feels pointless and contrived, and it just doesn’t feel like a Snow White story. “Mirror Mirror” does have a few things going for it, but the end result is uninspired and lacking any creative thought in its production value.


The plot of the movie is your basic Snow White story. An evil queen wants to become the fairest in the land, but the young princess is even more beautiful than her. The queen tries to kill Snow White, but fails in the process. So the queen must use her wits to outsmart Snow White and become the fairest in the land.


“Mirror Mirror” is a movie that just takes the Snow White property and pretty much ruins it. The cast is hit and miss, especially from Julia Roberts who played the evil queen. The costumes look nice and feel like they are straight out of a fairy tale, and the sets provide a good atmosphere, but can you expect from Canada, eh? But everything else just goes downhill.


The whole production feels disjointed, and while the visuals are nice, they are mainly done through the use of a computer. Tarsem, the man behind last year’s “Immortals” proves once again that the man cannot direct movies. But what really hurts “Mirror Mirror” is the fact that the entire production feels very pointless, and some moments boring. There’s nothing going for this film, so why bother? The only redeeming factor that makes this movie work is that it is creative and that’s all.


Also, to have the movie end on a Bollywood musical number is a nice touch, but completely unworthy. Shame on you Alan Menken for always getting attached to fantasy films that are not made by Disney. And speaking of the music, there are moments where the music changes from light and quirky, to a Spanish sword fight. That doesn’t work.


Overall, “Mirror Mirror” is a movie that needs to be avoided at all costs. Despite having a few good things, there’s not a whole lot going for it. It takes the Snow White story and and turns it into something that completely misses the point.

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