“I just wanted to tell you how fabulous I am!” 


Forget everything you know about newlyweds Brad and Janet Majors and the events involving the alien sweet transvestite for the time being. There will be no aliens or references to classic science fiction, b movie, and horror films.


No Barry.


No Susan.


What we have now is a different couple to play the pair in the new decade. This time the role of Brad Majors goes to Cliff De Young, an actor from films like The Hunger and even a Stephen King miniseries. Janet Weiss (Or should I say Janet Majors now) is to be played by Jessica Harper, known primarily for her main role in Dario Argento’s Suspiria. But there are a few familiar faces out there to put a smile on our faces. Though familiar, they hold different identities then what we knew them as before. The Criminlogist is now a social scientist and the caretakers of the manor are doctors of an asylum (a front for something more sinister). 

Our tub of warm waters of sins of the flesh will now be drained clean and refilled by misunderstood reality and game show satire. This movie is quite different from its predecessor, which caused the movie to be… well… not as much beloved by the Rocky Horror fans. For its time, no one could quite understand the satire, seeing as back then there were few game shows and reality Television as there are today. The movie is definitely a cult classic that sadly never quite managed to stack up to Rocky Horror.

You could say being the sequel to Rocky Horror is both a blessing and a curse. Without Rocky, this movie would probably not catch as many fans’ interest, yet with it, people, even today consider this quite a terrible sequel for the franchise;

But nontheless it’s fun, entertaining, and gets the job done in the amusement department. The theme is brilliant but the plot has a problem making sense at times and it has some hidden continuity despite it has absolutely nothing to do with the original film (Remember the wedding at the beginning of the first film? They mention a name which turns up as a major character in this one), these issues being some which may invite you to view it multiple times till you actually get it and truely enjoy the zany tale of a crazy new world order.


Best Songs: “Duel Duet”, “Lluaby”, “Shock Treatment”, “Looking For Trade”


Most Catchy song: “Little Black Dress”


Great Lyrics: “Look What I Did To My Id”


Worst vocals: “Denton, Denton”


Most Awkward: “Thank God I’m A Man”


Worst Song: “Breaking Out”