500 Days Of Summer

 Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt who should be in more films as opposed to Shia Lebouf!) is a greeting card writer who believes in all that lovey, dovey stuff  (you know, ‘there is one perfect person out there for me’, ‘I will not be happy until I find the one!’ humpf…).  Summer (Zooey Deschanel who I do enjoy, however she usually tends to play the same character) is a new coworker at Tom’s office who believes in none of that crap (I agree fair lady!), and who of course, he falls in love with (even with all the red flags and warnings)!

This film begins with their subsequent breakup, and the depression that follows.  The banging your head against the wall trying to figure out what happened, where did it go wrong (we’ve all been there).

In general, this movie flips around quite a bit!  It flips from the end, to the beginning, to the middle, back to the bigginning as a title counter tells you what day you’re on during the 500 days of dating (or being obsessed with) Summer.  You see, Tom is mainly just looking back at the good times, which makes him quite depressing!  Enough already (it does get a little tiring, which the movie tries to point out during a blind dating experience that Tom has after the breakup)! 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance is good, however I’m not sure if it’s Golden Globes/Academy Awards good at this role feels like somthing he would normally play (guess we’ll find out this Sun Jan 17th!).  Zooey Deschanel is charming in a heart stabbing, crushing sort of way and it’s quite easy to see why he would fall for her.   I also love that Matthew Gray-Gubler (from ‘Criminal Minds’) plays one of Tom’s best friend. 

This is worth a watch as it was enjoyable, just be careful of the bipolar feeling you will probably get from watching it!

2 thoughts on “500 Days Of Summer”

  1. I think I liked this movie a little more than you did. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. The reason I liked this movie so much is because it didn’t have a cookie cutter ending like most romantic comedies. It was a real life movie with an “almost” real life ending.


  2. This movie tried way to hard to be trendy and cute – and even though yes, in the end he didn’t get the girl and was a little more real then most romantic comedies, I felt they sould have pulled it in a bit… To each there own though, just my opinion…

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