The Last legion

The last legion

The last legion, a movie starring Colin firth, and Ben Kingsley, is a movie set in ancient Rome, during the end of the Roman Empire. This is an action adventure film that is sure to enthrall anyone who likes a good story.

Many people have heard the story of Excalibur,” the sword in the stone”, but this movie tells the story behind that sword. The movie starts in ancient Rome around the year of 460 AD. As one of Rome’s armies or”legions” returns to Rome to protect the soon to be crowned emperor or “Caesar”.

The story of Caesar begins in the streets of Rome, with a boy, Romulus Augustus Caesar, who goes into the tent of the commander of the newly returned army, Aurelius, caught looking at the commander’s sword and told he is to have his hand cut off for thievery, saved by his teacher Ambrosinus. This boy is then back to his house to then see the cause of the problems in the story, Odoacer, the commander of the Goths ,the allies of the Romans. The next day Romulus is crowned at the age of twelve to be the ruler of the Roman empire, this rule lasts for two weeks until at night when they are betrayed by the Goths, the Goths attack and kill all of the soldier but a few and many innocent citizens as well as capturing the newly crowned emperor. The boy is sent to the island of Capri the island fortress turned prison, at Capri he finds the sword and the to be rescued by the survivor of the massacre at Rome, Aurelius. They then flee to the the last place still under roman control, Britannia, to find the” the last legion” and make their stand against the Goth.

I loved this movie on the aspect of the quality of the acting. The actors in this movie did an amazing job .I really believed while I watched this movie that these actors could have actually been there, the emotion they put forth in their words as if they had suffered a great loss and they were able to draw the audience in and keep them wondering what was next, on the edge of their seats, which always makes for a good movie. For example, at several points in the movie there  are moments when you think it’s about to end for character, and they always keep you suspenseful

I also loved the job they did on the costumes and the weapons, they really did their research on that and the swords were perfect, the armor was really well dome and the way they did the armor so it wasn’t crappy like some of the armor done on movies.

For example, in one of the last scenes you see the ninth legion in full armor perfectly resembling historical roman armor.

Overall, this is a pretty good movie, but at times it can be confusing as to how the story has led to this. But other than that I’d give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. This is a movie that I would recommend for all above the age of 13 and mainly because the story is difficult to comprehend for children.

This is William Phipps saying have fun at the box office

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