Despicable Me (2010) Movie Review


            Another motion picture that any age would love, Despicable Me is off the hook. Directed by the good men Piere Coffin and Chris Renaud, this movie is set somewhere in this planet. With Steve Carell as the voice behind the main character Gru, joined by Jason Segel as Vector, the main antagonist, and Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier and Elsie Fisher as Margo, Edith and Agnes, the kids who brings extra hilarity of the film.  This Melo-dramatic slash adventure slash comedy will surely get to you as each character in this animated pictures slowly reveal the unique role they play.

            At first it may sound a little too ironic for an animated film, which are mainly created for kids to have a plot like the Despicable Me (2010) has. The movie started with the famous pyramid of Giza being stolen by Vector, as mentioned above is the main rival of Gru, a self-acclaimed super villain ever in the history but records shows otherwise. With Vector in the lime light, Gru planned something bigger and better than what Vector accomplished and that is to shrink the moon and steal it but this plan was intervened when Vector once again came into the scene and stole the shrinking machine away from Gru. With the will of getting back the machine, Gru is willing to go at any lengths and eventually ended up adopting three lovable kids (Agnes, Edith and Margo) for his tactics to push thru.  Gru uses the kids to infiltrate Vector’s building by tricking Vector to buy biscuits from the kids while Gru gets inside the building and whip the shrinking machine back. With the plan on its perfect places, so is Gru being fond with the kids and getting pleased with the idea of being a father to them. But with twist of events, the kids are taken away from him and back to the orphanage where they came from because of Dr. Nefario’s (Gru’s chief of invention) summons. Gru stole the moon and went back for the girls who need his rescue.

            If you have not seen the animated movies such as The Incredibles and Toy Story then this would have looked way better but still the animation of this movie also proved to be impressive and not just a Pixar rip-off. The colors were vivid and bright adding another arousal of interest from the viewers than they already are from its characters and from the plot itself. The storyline does not need rocket science to understand, making it a movie that kids surely won’t take their eyes off to. The father image shown by Gru as well, may serve as good example, that even the hard-hearted people can have a change of heart. I’d say too, that the idea of the minions of Gru supplemented the story and makes you want to finish the movie up to the end. The humor of the movie is commendable. How they make a villain look smart and funny at the same time but letting him say ‘light bulb’ whenever he thinks of something he thought is smart, how they made those high-tech gadgets for destroying this and that looked all nothing but a toy which is far from what they actually does, how they cover the in fact violence with the lines that may or may not get to you, are all reasons why you’d not forget the movie as it is.


            For the rundown, it may take you atleast half an hour to actually pick-up the uniqueness of Gru’s personality compared to other animated films, but as the movie goes, so will your curiosity as to what will happen to each character in the succeeding scenes. With popcorns in the table and your kids with you in the couch, this movie is surely going to make your motion picture weekend a total fun. Like any other movies, the moment everything makes sense is the moment you lay your minds on the screen so as much as possible don’t get your eyes away from the TV screen. Gru will never let you push the stop button, much more will his minions and the three little kids who eventually made his villain heart melt. So I’d say hit the stack and let Despicable Me take you into its vibrant world.