What was once a laughed at movie, (remember that trailer with the space probe on mars?), has become one of the biggest hits of the summer, but does it deserve that title?

I went in expecting a stupid funny action movie, with the main character being a geek who gets a transformer. I got that. The movie overall works for some reason, it’s got so many clichés in it but it works for me.

Shia LaBeouf is excellent in this movie, his comedic timing is perfect, and Megan Fox is brought in as the hot high school girl who knows more about cars than probably all the guys in her school. Late at night the new car that Shia bought turns on and he chases it thinking that it’s being stolen.

Eventually the car reveals its true form to him once a bad Transformer attacks him and the two become friends, so to speak. Both Transformers, good and bad, are searching for The Cube which is a source of life to them and their planet. The trouble begins when a Military base in Iraq is attacked by a transformer and the Secretary of Defense has many people working on trying to figure out who attacked them.

There are many plots and back stories that are told and most are unnecessary. Megan Fox’s past being one of the major unnecessary ones. The point is this movie is about the Transformers, throw in people but not so many, and not so many important ones. Despite all this however the movie is fun to watch and funny, until you get to the very end.

Of course at the end the Transformers, Decepticons and Autobots, have to fight it out. This whole fight is filled with the corniest dialogue you will ever here such as “You want a piece of me?” “No I want two pieces.” Then the bad one rips a good one in half. Of course the Transformers have always been like that so that is acceptable but the problem is with the fight itself. There is so much going on that during some points you can’t tell one transformer apart from the other, and it’s just a huge amount of crashing and explosions. This movie was a good popcorn flick but never elevates to much more than that. I give it 3 out of 5.

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