The Bourne Ultimatum

It is once again time to go back and watch our faithful Bourne in all his finesse action scenes filmed by the camera man with Parkinson’s disease. Matt Damon, Joan Allen, and Julia Stiles reprise their roles in this third film which has just as much action and fast paced syndrome as the first two in what I believe is the greatest movie of the trilogy. Paul Greengrass, the director, is a master at capturing the fight sequences and I truly think he’s set the bar on which all future action movies should be judged on.

The story is excellent and riveting and you truly feel for Bourne this time around as he finally approaches the end of his journey to find out who he is. While on the topic I would like to add that Matt Damon does an exquisite job as Jason Bourne and it is probably one of his greatest performances. It’s truly a shame that movies like these get bypassed during Oscar season because the acting could get Matt his nomination, as well as Greengrass for that matter.

Of course this movie does suffer from the same fault as the previous two which is what I call the Action Hero Syndrome. No matter what happens to this guy whether it be getting shot and falling fifty feet or driving off the side of a building, he just brushes himself off and keeps going. I do believe you have to suspend belief in these movies but it’s at a reasonable level at least.

This movie has it all for me, the action, the story, the aesthetic value. It even has David Strathairn who brings a great talent to the role of Noah Vosen who is set out on the demise of Jason Bourne. Despite its few flaws this is a great movie and the best of this summer’s “Threequels”. Great direction, great acting, great movie; I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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