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X-men Origins Wolverine & the death of my inner child


You know I grew up on comics. A lot of pople say that but what does that mean? Well comics taught me how to ride a bike; had to find a way to get to a convenient store to buy my X-Men comics (still got my issue 94, 95, 96 & 137 – yes, true geek). Comics also taught me how to save money and make money. I saved every penny to buy my comics and learned early how to be thrifty, especially if I wanted to see if the Jackal really killed Spiderman in the next issue. Later when I was a senior in high school, I sold a good portion of my comics (dummy!) to pay for my prom ( which blew anyway).  So yes I TRULY grew up on comics. After watching this movie I felt the child that rode his bike to that store to get the comic, died a little bit.

I been a fan of the littel runt Wolverine for some time and have followed his antics through the pages of his books since he came on the scene with the new X-Men in silver age Uncanny X-Men. I really enjoyed the treatment of my favorite book when the X-Men movies came out. I also waited and chewed my nails wishing for admantium claws as I waited for this movie. Once again I had to ask myself – save the stash or spend the cash? C’mon….

Many will and have beat up this movie pretty bad and much of it is well deserved. Character development was last on the list in this movie.  My wife kept asking me what Wolverine’s brother was? A Wolf, Bear, Cougar? Don’t expect a lot of answers. I don’t know, I love the Wolverine character and would problably watch him drink Starbucks for two hours if there was a movie on it but this movie really left me empty. There was just something missing and don’t ask me what? An old theater teacher of mine told us once that if the movie doesn’t fill you up like a good dinner than the plot lost something on it’s way to denoument or it’s resolution. Because once you got there you felt like you dropped something on the way.

Listen, if you just want to see the claws come out and great action and can’t even spell Wolverine – then spend the cash. If you’re counting on another Batman, Spiderman or X-Men type movie, then save your stash and wait for this one on DVD.

Sorry Superfriends.     – Jim “Goose” Guzior

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