I love Sci-fi but there is one thing that I love more than Sci-fi and that is my stash. You know the green stuff we pay to get inside these movies? Okay, you are tracking.  So I always have this decision – spend the cash or save my stash? To quote an old knight from the 3rd Indy Jones series, “You have chosen wisely,” to spend the cash on the latest Star Trek edition.

I couldn’t help but getting really nostalgic and having that Star Wars feeling as this fast paced, emotional adventure lifted me out of my seat and transported me to the Enterprise on James T. Kirk’s first real mission.  My wife Jessica (the real one with the cash) had never really watched the Star Trek series and was thoroughly captivated by the early plot line. I think anyone will really enjoy this whether they are a Trekkie or not.  However, the Trekkies will have all kinds of treats that keep unfolding from start to finish.

Director J.J. Abrams has revamped this sagging franchise into something new, youthful and energetic. In other words, we’re Trek’in again!  What do you expect from the guy who wrote Mission Impossible III and the screenplay for Armageddon? I’m thrilled he’s been signed for the Star Trek sequal (due in 2011).

So save your stash or spend the cash? I may spend some cash again to see it before it leaves the theaters. My DVD player will certainly light up like Mr. Sulu’s console when it hits DVD.

Don’t miss this one.      -Jim “Goose” Guzior