Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) is adjusting to life without his best mate Watson (Jude Law) and the minuet pile of cases to solve by creating a jungle in his study and doing continuous life threatening experiments on Watson’s dog. During Watson’s bachelor party, Holmes runs into a gipsy fortune-teller named Sim (Noomi Rapace) and discovers that her life is in danger. Holmes is on the case when he digs deeper and uncovers that Sim’s brother is involved in a political assassination plot. Interrupting Watson’s honeymoon, Holmes drags him along for assistance. Will Holmes crack the case? Who is the mastermind behind the assassination plot?  


            Well, I enjoyed this film to a certain extent. I thought that the plot was written well along with the climax. I love Holmes’ psychotic and brilliant character and Watson tolerance of him because he cares. I did get sleepy during the viewing because there were just too much talking and too much explanation of plans and theories. It was like listening to a one tone bass sound without any tempo. When the action scene did come, it was mediocre. If you have seen the first movie, you would know that there is a scene in which Sherlock is boxing and mentally predicts his opponent’s movements and correlates them to his counterattack. He does that once too often in this film that it lost its brilliance. I believe that the scenes ran way too long to get to the point but the ending was satisfying and questionable. All in all, I can see myself watching this film again just not anytime soon.