Will Smith still has it! Hancock stars Will Smith and Charlize Theron in an action film. This movie will fly you right up to the sky!

Will Smith stars as Hancock a superhero who needs an attitude adjustment and who needs to stop drinking. The town is tired of picking up the damages rather than having a superhero who does his duty properly. But this hero has a makeover when he saves a man who has a charming wife (Charlize Theron) who hides more than Hancock knows.

The camera was shaking in the beginning of the movie. The wife’s husband’s face was shaking when he was giving a presentation that made you go dizzy. The camera soon picked up when the action started happeneing.

The story had romance but it wasn’t a big deal. When Hancock falls for Ray’s wife, he finds that he would rather not hurt his friend. The wife however, knows more about Hancock than her own husband. I liked that they didn’t have an affair because it wouldn’t have been the way it ended.

Overall, this movie is a must see and Will Smith still has acting skills. Will and Charlize have a good throw down by the end of it all.

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