Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) have been close friends since grammar school. Their friendship deferred in opposite directions when Dave becomes a lawyer and is married with three children. Mitch becomes a struggling actor who has countless liaisons with different women while he waits for his big break. On a boys night out, Mitch and Dave take a bathroom break at a park fountain while they pour their hearts out about how they envy each other’s lives and wishes to trade places. The next morning, their wish comes true: Dave wakes up to a junky bachelor pad in Mitch’s body and Mitch wakes up to screaming children in Dave’s. When they try to go back to the fountain to reverse the wish, they find it has been moved and will not know the location for a couple days until it shows up in the system. Can they live each other’s lives? Will Mitch get Dave fired from the firm? Will Dave cheat on his wife for a little freedom or to maintain appearance? 



            First and foremost, Ryan does not need to be in comedy in any shape or form from not until the end of his days. He is not a funny guy, not even the writers can help him make me laugh. His roles of playing the arrogant jerk are not a good fit for him and he failed at his role in this film. He should convert over to action and thriller films only. Also, he’s not much of a bachelor when there’s only record of one liaison happening per his descriptive story to Dave. Lame. Jason, on the other hand, is the right guy for any comedy. He’s funny but doesn’t try to be because he always tries to see reason in difficult situations. Olivia Wilde plays the eye candy secretary, Sabrina McArdle. The camera was on her more than her spoken lines. I didn’t care too much for her character because she was always looking shocked about something with risen brows and buck-shot open eyes. This film was your basic Freaky Friday type movie, nothing new or special that hasn’t been done many times before. All in all, I will not see this film again.