Balls of Fury

“Balls of Fury” is a satire of kung fu flicks and the sport of ping pong. Staring Dan Fogler as a ping pong master, George Lopez as a Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent and Christopher Walken as the leader of a deadly game. This movie takes place in an underground ping pong tournament where the competeters are forced to play to the death.

Dan Fogler stars as Randy Daytona, a great ping pong master gone rusty after an embarrassing defeat many years ago. A Federal Bureau of Investigaion Agent, played by George Lopez, sends the ping pong legend to infiltrate a lethal tournament ran by Feng, played by Christopher Walken. Randy Daytona is sent into a very painful and senseless training by a blind ping pong prodigy, which included swatting bees and hitting ping pongs with wooden spoons. Randy falls in love with his blind trainer’s kung fu fighting niece. Now, Randy Daytona must win the tournament and his love or face sudden death, literally. 

The script failed to squeeze any laughs, nor chuckles for that matter. It kept me waiting for something funny to happen, which never did. Christopher Walken’s appearance in the movie was also disappointing. Don’t expect Christopher Walken to steal the show like he usually does when he is co-staring in a film.  With a cast that has the potential to be funny, you would expect more. The script drained the comedy out of the characters. Tries to be funny, when it is impossible with such a disgracefully unfunny script.

I wasn’t really expecting much from Director/Screenwriter Robert Ben Garant, who directed “Reno 911! Miami” and wrote “Night at the Museum”. Even with the talent of the cast that is provided in most of his films, they are never worth watching in my opinion. If your a fan of the Reno 911! series or the  Reno 911! movie, than you will probably think that this is the funniest thing you have ever seen. “Balls of Fury” is consistently unfunny and I couldn’t wait for the film to end.

This is a bitter comedy spoof deprived of laughs and the comedic talent of it’s cast. Inadequately mixes lowbrow humor and Asian culture to create a dud of a comedy. I recommend this movie for all those who are fans of Reno 911!, otherwise avoid this ill-fated satire.

2 thoughts on “Balls of Fury”

  1. So far, I’m the only person I know who enjoyed this flick. It may not have been a “knee-slapper,” but I had a smile on my face throughout. I really enjoyed it as a spoof of martial arts films from the 1970s.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Derek. BALLS OF FURY unraveled with the predictable plot points conjured only by hack producers with too much development time on their hands. You know the type — they saw DODGEBALL and it suddenly occurred they too could develop a sports-themed spoof. “Yes, I shall do this thing. I… am… a… SHAPER!”

    Adding salt to the wound, I actually spent time playing the Wii version of the video game tie-in.

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