This comedy/horror stars Joel David Moore, Tamara Feldman, Deon Richmond, and is directed by Adam Green. “Hatchet” mostly takes place at a creepy swamp that is said to be haunted. Also co-staring Robert Englund, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder, who are some of the most famous horror icons in film history.

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Ben (Joel David Moore) decides to ditch Mardi Gras to go on a “Haunted Swamp Tour” and his best friend Marcus (Deon Richmond) gives in to the plan. Along for the trip are two girls being filmed by a phony adult film producer, a happily married couple just out for a good time, a local named Marybeth looking for her brother and father, and a goofball tour guide with a total of three accents. After the tour boat unfortunately crashes, they learn the true story of Victor Crawley, a deformed child who was ridiculed by other children and accidentally killed by his father with a hatchet. Disbelieving the legend, the group searches for help, unaware that Victor Crawley is still at large and is searching for his next victim. The local Marybeth is their only hope of finding their way back to town. Now running for their lives, each must stick together and find a way out of the swamp before Victor Crawley spots them.

The acting is appropriately bad by Deon Richmond and Tamara Feldman, which added to the numerous laughs. Seeing legendary horror icons Robert Englund (Freddy), Tony Todd (Candyman), and Kane Hodder (Jason) was a treat itself. A reprising role by Kane Hodder as Victor Crawley. Cameo appearances from Robert Englund as the missing father and Tony Todd as Reverend Zombie.

The special effects are all make-up and no Computer Generated Images, which makes the movie all the better. Over-the-top gore, lots of laughs, buckets of blood and memorable kills. It’s not scary, but horror fans will appreciate the gore and make-up effects. “Hatchet” has it all, from decapitated heads and limbs to beautiful, topless girls. 

I loved every moment of this movie. The acting was on par for this type of movie. Funny characters, gory kills, and a new horror idol that ranks among some of the greatest psychopaths ever created. Doesn’t go overboard with profanity, but does expose some bloody images creating it’s rightful R-rating.