Halloween (2007)

Directed by Rob Zombie and staring Daeg Faerch, Tyler Mane and Sheri Moon, “Halloween” is a remake that sadly demonstrates why horror movies are no longer what they used to be. The movie first takes place in the home of Michael Myers, who is soon sent to a Mental Institution.

Rob Zombie first goes into detail about Michael Myers childhood. From a dysfunctional family at home to a duo of bullies at school. After having a conference with his mother, the school recommends that Michael should seek help. After brutally murdering his sister and his mothers boyfriend, he is sent to a Mental Institution. After fifteen years of admitted to the Institution, Myers breaks loose and continues his killing spree.

The movie’s story starts out pretty interesting. I thought that plot had a prequel feeling to it at the beginning, which was somewhat engaging for about fifteen minutes. I like the way Zombie goes into detail about why Myers wears masks, where he got his suit, and where he got his mask. I didn’t like the fact that there was nothing unique or scary.

Rob Zombie does have talent for making his own type of movies, but when it comes to remakes he losses that talent. Zombie’s previous work is one of a kind, whereas Halloween has absolutely no originality. This remake is nothing compared to the original that frightened critics and audiences alike.

Lacked the B-rated effect that made Michael Myers seem real. Bad acting and unintentional laughs. Rob Zombie’s accomplishment here was his character development and ability to brutally demonstrate meaningless kills.

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  1. This is a remake where everything that could be done wrong, WAS done wrong. It’s also the definative proof that the emperor truly isn’t wearing any clothes (as in, Zombie really is just a talentless hack as far as movie-making goes). He managed to make Michael Myerrs not scary at all.

    I think that if this HADN’T been an attempted “Halloween” remake, I make have considered it just another weak horror movie from Rob Zombie. But since it was passed off as a “Halloween” movie, I have to condemn it as the garbage it is.

    Why, in this age of DVDs and hundreds of cable channels, do self-respecting filmmakers persist in remaking movies that were near-perfect the first time around? It made sense from 1935 through the mid-1990s to do these remakes, but not any more. The original, far superior film is easily accessible to all.

    Are they really that arrogant? Or are they just hacks, hoping to cash in on the reputation of filmmakes with greater creativity and skill than they could ever hope for?

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