Avatar reminded me of a futuristic version of the Disney film Pocahontas, the British invade North America to find deposits of gold and get super rich. The main differences between the movies are 3D effects, British are American, Gold is a unnamed mixture of gold and oil, John smith is a paraplegic, Indians are 12 foot tall blue tiger people (Ronso?) and the Indians literally connect to the forest.
John smith in this film is an x-marine who is wheelchair bound due to some accident. He is told to infiltrate the Indians by controlling a body that looks like him if he were one of the natives so that he could gather information and eventually make them give us the gold-oil thing they live on. Nothing is explained about the goild aside from that we really want it. The marine works hard to be accepted by the tribe and eventually the moral conundrum arises between evicting the Indians or helping them fight the invaders.
First thing to note is the 3D is good, good in the sense that it looks really cool but this is the first time i have seen 3D really add to the movie. When the marine character first stepped into the Avatar he had the same reaction the audience had to the 3D effects, shock and awe. As the movie went on the marine begins to get lost in the world of the Avatar the same way the audience gets lost in the 3D effects. It’s the first time 3D added to the movie to the point where i could really relate my experience to the character. It worked so perfectly that i couldn’t imagine this movie without the 3D effects. Sadly that’s the only thing in the movie that’s new and amazing, the rest is somewhat predictable plot and dialogue. it seemed like the general’s only line was “i don’t like you Mr.Scientist! i’m paid to destroy stuff.” Even the visuals, which were the best part of the film, were a little off from time to time. They were good on their own, but sometimes when combined with human actors the two we’re not timed perfectly. It didn’t happen much, but when it did, i was sad. It makes me think that in movies with such amazing special effects the human actors are useless. They aren’t as cool and at times they take away from the movie.
The Ronso women are annoying. They take away what I like about women, they’re not attractive, they’re mean, and when they cry it’s worse than any real female cry… and they cry all the time. The Pocahontas character in the movie is especially annoying. Anything she said was “do this better… you’re doing it wrong” or “i’m sad… WAAA”. I think they were trying to get me to feel bad for them like i do for a whimpering puppy, but it didn’t make me want to help the Indians, it just annoyed me. I also couldn’t relate to the way the character falls in love with the love interest because she’s a blue tiger. Call me shallow, but it’s just not for me, and she isn’t exactly the loving and caring type either. The only giant blue tiger that was really cool looking and even somewhat attractive was the Sigourney Weaver Avatar. Then again I was in love with her ever since i first saw alien, it’s good to see her back in space.

This movie is another example on how interspecies relationships don’t really work. It just makes people like me confused. It’s appropriate if the only difference between the two species is very little like one eye (Futurama), extra breasts (Total Recall), or most of the mix up’s in X-men. There are too many situations when we think Kirk is getting lucky only to find that the chick is green. It’s just an unpleasant discovery for me.

Although I picked apart the movie and found a good share to complain about, the movie was good. It was very good, especially compared to average movies these days. I recommend it to anyone who can enjoy getting lost in a strange new world.