Star Trek

     To start off, I was not a huge Trekkie before seeing this movie.  I have been a Star Wars kid my whole life, but after Lucas sold his soul with the new cartoon Clone Wars stuff…I was disappointed to be a Warhead. After seeing Star Trek, I am a newly converted Trekkie. I have seen some of the older Trek stuff in the past and enjoyed it, but after the later Picard movies, I lost interest. JJ Abrams restored my faith in the Trek franchise. Never have I seen a Trek movie that holds my full attention for the whole time since I first saw Kahn. This new Star Trek really does boldly go where no Trek movie has gone before.

     Star Trek is a rare prequel/sequel that works very well. The film starts off with the USS Kelvin being attacked by a massive time-traveling Romulan ship captained by the vicious Niro (Eric Bana). He destroys a ship that has on board the father of the film’s hero James T. Kirk (Chris Pine). Now venture to the planet Vulcan where a young Vulcan named Spock (Zachary Quinto) is being raised to be one of the most intelligent ones of his kind. Kirk grows up to be a renegade bad-boy who enlists in the Star Fleet Academy to honor his late father. Spock enlists in the Academy at the disapproval of his people. The two meet up after Kirk cheats on Spock’s self-made test., where tension arrives. The two end up on a mission together to investigate the same type of situation that killed Kirk’s father, and the crew of the USS Enterprise face a huge task…to see who Niro is, what he wants, and to rescue the captured captain of the Enterprise (Bruce Greenwood). The story unfolds with many twists and turns and we are introduced to such Trek characters as Dr. Bones McCoy (Karl Urban), Ulhura (Zoe Saldana),Chekov (Anton Yelten) , Sulu (John Cho), and Scotty (Simon Pegg).

     The cast of Star Trekwas cast beautifully. Chirs Pine plays Kirk to the point where Shatner himself would be envious. He does the role a good one of adding a fun twist to the character. Zachary Quinto does a great job playing Spock. The casting of Eric Bana as the villain Niro was also a great choice. The rest of the cast, especially Simon Pegg, all do a great job as well. I thought that if I had to stack this cast up to the old Trek cast, I would have a hard time. The cast of this new Trek fill the roles and do them to a point of mimicking the old cast, but put their own creative spin to the roles as well.

     JJ Abrams always does a great job on a film. This one is no exception. Abrams transforms this struggling franchise into one that can flourish for years to come. His direction on the film is a major achievement for his career. The visuals in this movie are stunning. This has got to be some of the best effects I’ve seen in years. Michael Giacchino continues to be the next John Williams with the score he did for the film. It fits the scenes perfectly. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are really getting to the point of being the go-to guys for a great science fiction movie. They continue to create a great story for the film. Everything on the crew side was spotless.

     In my opinion, this movie could have lasted for hours and would have kept my attention. This could be one of the best movies of the summer.  The action had a great ratio to the funny moments of the film. If I had to try to find a problem…the Spock-Ulhura moments were kinda cheesy, but c’mon…who really cares. This was a fun, exciting, smart, funny, action-packed summer blockbuster. Abrams and the Trek crew have made sure that the Trek franchise will LIVE LONG, AND PROSPER!

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