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The Truth about The Ugly… Truth!

So I’m going to be honest here, it’s completely formulaic!  You will probably be able to predict the next scene before it even happens and you already know the ending kids (and if you don’t well, I’m not sure what to say to you then)!

We have Abby (Katherine Heigl in her normal performance – I’m not sure she’s ever really acted in a real role that wasn’t… her) who produces a morning news show at a television station in Sacramento.  As I am sure you can guess, she is a bit of a wing nut as proven when she shows up on a date with his printed profile and admits she’s done a background check on him (and I thought my dates were weird, phew!).  See, she’s kind of a control freak (naw, really?) and is having trouble finding that perfect man; you know, the one who will match every point on that preverbal checklist (hahahahaha!  Ah… my side hurts). 

One night while watching TV she comes across a show called ‘The Ugly Truth’ hosted by this chauvinist, misogynistic guy named Mike (Gerard Butler, who I’m not sure why he switches between cheesy romantic comedies and serious action, shoot em’ up movies – I guess he just needs a break from jumping on bombs and cars to decompress, not to go to the gym for a bit and just hang out?) whose only real view is…  men are simple and that if you want to land one you best be getting that butt to the gym, ladies (I can say so many things here…). 

 After Abby calls in to the show which stirs a bit of a tiff on air and having been humiliated by this TV Personality, she shows up to work the next day hoping no one saw.  As chance and a mediocre script would have it, Mike has just been hired by the station to showcase the ‘Ugly Truth’ as a short spot on Abby’s morning show.  As you can guess, she hates him, until of course she needs him… to help her land her hot new neighbor, Colin (Eric Winter who I used to adore when I actually watched Days of Our Lives).  Queue the makeover scene and of course the vibrating undies scene.

This isn’t the best Rom-Com I’ve seen however some of the scenes are humorous and I do enjoy me some Cheryl Hines and John Michael Higgins (who has become a staple in most comedies I’ve seen lately) even if they only have teeny, tiny, barely ther supporting roles.

I will admit I do enjoy Rom-Com’s from time to time, I consider them my guilty pleasure as well as a great realization of what life… is not; However sometimes a girl can dream that the hot, wise cracking, charming, bordering on verbally abusive guy will totally come to his senses and completely fall for the uptight, controlling, wing nut (and vice versa).

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